Maty’s Corner #32 Keepin’ The Ape Drape Alive: The Vandals

Punx In Solidarity

Maty’s Corner #32

Keepin’ The Ape Drape Alive:

The Vandals

            Starting 1980 outta Huntington Beach, CA is The Vandals! One of the most recognizable bands in punk. They are survivors of the 1980’s hard core scene who managed to stay punk and not just give up, even after the exit of founding vocalist Stevo Jensen. Along with being a legendary band, they also appeared in the punk rock favorite cult film suburbia and were a staple at the legendary Cuckoo’s Nest during its existence. All while poking fun at everything including punk itself.

            1982,84 and 89 mark the Vandals’ first release. This was initially two separate releases being Peace Through Vandalism and When In Rome, Do As The Vandals. The compilation was released on Mike Ness’ Restless Records. These releases saw The Vandals as a strange mix of hard core and cow punk. It was different from the…

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Maty’s Corner # 2

Punx In Solidarity

Maty’s Corner Issue # 2

Musings From Maty

            What happened to skateboarding? I mean really.  How did we go from a bunch of dangerous half psycho punk rockers to these wanna be gang bangers who don’t respect shit!?!  I got into skate boarding and punk rock when I was 15. I lived in a mountain town with no park. So we made our own stuff to hit and made the surrounding environs suit us!  Man, we had some gnarly bails.  Every scar, break, road rash and abrasion was worth it.  We respected our scene.  We mainlined old punk, cheap booze, sketch ass ramps and fights if necessary.  Now I see these companies ran by rappers that don’t know a damn thing about having to fight for skate spots and hold nothing sacred.  I’d almost rather the scene die than get so perverted.  And it bothers me that Gator is…

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Maty’s Corner #1

Punx In Solidarity

Maty’s Corner Issue #1

An Intro

So, I’m Maty Almost.  Got into skate boarding and punk rock when I was 15, so for half my life now.  Been a songwriter. Never had a solid band.  Got a lot of things to contribute to this blog by way of rants, reviews, resources to look into and whatever other God unknown bull shit I can pull outta thin air. I’ve known Rich for about 2 years and we’ve talked about doing something like this for about that long.  Now it’s time to make happen.  For the past year we’ve been nurturing our facebook page Punx In Solidarity. So, that’s something to check out.  Now, some may be wondering who the hell is this guy to have an opinion on anything? Well, no one really. Just an old skate punk who still has fire and rage burning to keep the scene real and…

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Maty’s Corner #30 D Term Nation Strikes Small Town: The LINE

Punx In Solidarity

Maty’s Corner #30

D Term Nation Strikes Small Town:



            Starting in 1995 outta Big Bear Lake, CA was the LINE. The most unique and interesting skate punk band and my personal favorite. The music is a blend 90’s skate punk, 80’s hard core and a bit of stoner metal. These guys blew up pretty big in my hometown scene of Big Bear, CA. This band was put together by Ryan Immegart (Volcom’s first sponsored snow boarder and co-founder of Volcom Entertainment.) Info on this band has been difficult to come by, so some parts of this article are on the fly, appropriate I’m sure.

            1995… maybe, saw their first release, Self Titled Again. Right at the drop in these guys were more technical players than most of their contemporaries. This album is shows influences like Guttermouth, but has instrumental skill akin to and above Propagandhi…

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